We are Nat (Aussie) & Cam (Scot) we have had the pleasure of each other’s company for the last 20 years and counting… 🙂

15 of those years have been spent in Troon with annual trips Downunder in the winter months. That would be Summer in Oz.

In short, we like to think we have the best of both worlds!


We started Troonbeachfront holiday lets in 2012 and it just keeps getting better!

During this time we have met many characters from around the world, all with their own unique reasons for venturing to our wee corner of it.

We consider it a privilege to host a holiday and endeavour to create an atmosphere which is relaxed, comfortable, functional and fun!

We try our best to offer good value for money and acknowledge its also precious time and future memories we are dealing with.


We are inspired and excited for this year and the years to come and hope they will be even better than the last few.

It is a nice thought that we may one day be meeting whoever is reading this right now…